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Almost inevitably, Peter Donegan has been performing since the age of five, given that the ‘Godfather of British Rock n Roll’, ‘King Of Skiffle’, the late Lonnie Donegan, is his father. Lonnie inspired every British Invasion band from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin. Even The White StripesJack White cites Lonnie as one of his major influences. All this runs through Peter's veins and is clearly evident in his live performances, as well as in the studio. Amongst Peters own admirers are Nora Guthrie (daughter of seminal folk musician, Woody Guthrie) Crystal Gayle and Billy Bragg.

Primarily a singer/songwriter and piano player, Peter picked up the acoustic guitar after his Dad passed away in 2002 and taught himself to play the mandolin, harmonica, banjo and ukulele.

Peter was unintentionally born in London as his Dad Lonnie was still on tour when his mother (Lonnie's then Manager) went into labour early, although the family were actually living in California where it was intended that he would be born. Peter was raised in Lake Tahoe, California then between Orlando, Florida and Malaga, Spain where the family spent quite some time.

No surprise then, from all this, that Peter loves Country music so much and considers himself a true British-American hybrid.



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Our "Little Man" -  Eric, is 3 years old and has just been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

As many parents will understand and some will fully know what we are going through, this is heart breaking to know that your child is not going to have it easy growing up and isn't making friends and even more, we can't talk to him.

He cries and we don't know why, he wants something and we don't know what, we tell him how much we love him and we don't know if he understands.

Eric needs to start school in around a year and as such we need to get him help communicating and socializing so as you can imagine we need to start ASAP.

In our extensive research involving reading many books and speaking to other parents and specialists, one therapy kept raising it's head more than most.
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy!

People are swearing by it for their children up and down the spectrum.

To read more I've included the following links:

This treatment could mean a true beginning for Eric.
It would mean making friends, getting the help he needs to become more independent.
To us it would mean finally talking to our little man, seeing him play and make friends and be able to reach his potential.

Your help is appreciated beyond any thanks or gestures.
Our little man is our world and our reason for being and your assistance means you will have a place in our little Eric's heart.

Please donate now and help our little man start his life.


New Album Track Giveaway. Sign up to the mailing list before July 4th for your free track.

New Album Track Giveaway. Sign up to the mailing list before July 4th for your free track.