Peter began his education in the entertainment business at the age of five at the Barbara Speak stage school in London. 

After this Peter was educated by his father Lonnie Donegan, M.B.E. as well as receiving private tuition on the piano, 

Once Peter turned eighteen, he was invited to join the Lonnie Donegan Band, performing as keyboard player with the band and as the opening act before each concert.

Peter spent two years in the band where he was able to learn hands on from the experience of his father Lonnie and during that time he also worked with Van Morrison as part of Lonnie and Van's American west coast tour promoting their album "Skiffle Sessions Live in Belfast" which featured Chris Barber and Dr. John.

After the untimely death of Lonnie during a tour, the family organized, a tribute at the Royal Albert Hall in London, during which, Peter and the Lonnie Donegan Band were featured and provided backing for a kaleidoscope of well known artists, which included, Chas 'n' Dave, Billy Bragg, , Ralf McTell, Barron Nights, Rick Wakeman, Mark Knopfler, Joe Brown, Roger Daltry, Joe Cocker, Van Morrison, Chris Barber, Bruce Welch and Chris Farlow.


In 2007, Peter performed on tour with Crystal Gayle on her British tour as her opening act and performed a song with Crystal and her band during her set.
Peter has performed with a variety of musicians at The Sage, Gateshead as a guest: - Bill Wyman and his Rhythm Kings, featuring Eddie Floyd, Albert Lee and Hogan's Heroes.

Peter then formed his own band, the Peter Donegan Band playing a mixture of material that Lonnie played but in Peter’s own style and new material written by Peter. In 2006 They recorded a live album. 

In 2009 Peter teamed up with the original Lonnie Donegan Band and took to the road. In  2009 they recording a album entitled "Here We Go Again". The title song of which is one of Pete's compositions.

Currently Pete has two projects.
Currently raising funds for his new solo album being recorded in Nashville Tennessee which will be completely Pete's own material.

Plus touring and soon recording another album with the Donegan Band at Sugar Rays studios in the UK using the same equipment that was used in the original Sun Records Studios in Memphis Tennessee.