Pete Young

(Ultra Audio Productions)

Pete Young produced and is responsible for pretty much everything to do with our new album from getting everyone together, helping with song arrangements to playing the drums and percussion. 
Pete makes the whole process quick, effortless and a whole lot of fun.

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Mills Logan

Mills is just a really cool laid back guy to work with and that all comes from a great amount of experience of working with some of the top recording artists of all time.
Mills Produced and mixed our album "Superman" and produced some absalute magic.

Read more about Mills and the artists he's worked with HERE

Eric Conn & 
Don Cobb  

(Independant Mastering)

While I never got the pleasure of meeting Eric and Don, I know by talking to Pete Young that they are really cool. 
In regards to the work they did with us on the "Superman" album they are second to none. 
These guys have mastered albums for the absolute best.

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