Behind The Song – “I’m Yours”

I had always wanted to write a song that would be great for a first dance for a wedding.
Something that created an image and a feeling of beauty.
By the way if you’re not the romantic type then I should probably give you a “Barf Alert!” as this is a song full of romantic imagery.

Drawing on my own experience of falling in love I wanted to re-create that feeling by describing the feelings we all get. When we fall in love, everything from that moment in time becomes beautiful, even the dullest things like rain or busy people if you fell in love in a big city for example. It will all bring you back to that wonderful moment in our lives that we look back upon with rose tinted glasses.

Imagine the happy couple lost in each other’s eyes while floating over the dance floor and the lyrics reminiscing of the beginning of their journey to this moment. 
Every girl loves the idea of her man singing to her about her and the way he feels for her and the idea is this would be his song.

I wanted the beginning of this song to have space and to give it a simple and ethereal feeling, hence the use of just acoustic guitar and B3 organ at the top of this number. That left space for the lyrics to be the focal point while you sit on the proverbial cloud floating through the imagery being described.

“Warm breeze on the summer nights and city lights as the people go about their things.

Sirens of police cars, cry like soft guitars that’s the song the city sings.

Nothing can replace the sunset on your face, oh I could have kissed it,

As I hold your hand while King Georges band plays “Into the Mystic”.”

If you read the last line in this opening verse, I guess it’s a kind of “Easter egg” mention to Sir George Ivan (Van) Morrison. One of the most romantic songs of all time is “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison and he is a man I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting and working with on several occasions and one of the best singer/songwriters ever.


When it came to arranging this song obviously I had a lot of help from Pete Young over at Ultra Audio Productions, Nashville, TN. But before I get to that I should mention that this song almost didn’t make the cut as the key I originally wrote this song (“C”) was just out of my range for my voice in the last key change but I needed to be in that position on the fret board for the riffs I need to play this song. 
My wife convinced me to find a way and then it dawned to tune the guitar down a half step (which made the guitar sound awesome by the way). Problem Solved!

Obviously the acoustic demo for this song was nothing like the beautiful finished product and when Pete and I brain stormed for arrangements I decided that I needed the space in the arrangement for the lyrics to come through but I wanted the impact on the chorus and I have always loved the 60’s 6/8 ballad feel with the electric guitar stabs but I wanted to keep it modern also and we ended up getting Michael Meadows in to play some lovey synth touches. It was a cherry to this multi-layered cake we’d created.