Behind The Song - “Ode to a Friend”

The night before I started writing this I had been hanging with a couple of my best friends in West Palm Beach, FL. 
You know that peaceful feeling when you’ve been hanging out with your best friend and you’ve put the world to rights and had a great laugh. I mean the kind of laugh where you’re laughing so hard that it hurts and the only sound you make is an occasional squeak, out of either end. (The latter making the situation even worse ha ha) It’s better than therapy in my opinion. Great friends are really important. I don’t have many but the ones I have are the best.

“Since the dawn until the end,
We all need that special friend
please take my word to be true
and I’d like it for that friend to be you.”

This was the first piece of the song I came up with and I feel encompasses the whole sentiment of the song and that’s why I decided it was a good idea to come back to it and finish the song with it.
It’s just a statement of how I felt mixed in with an observation that no matter who you are or where or when you’re from, we all need a best friend.

“My ford exploder’s hard to steer.
Unless we’re off to the world of beer.
And after selling my soul on a long hard day,
Then we’ll laugh about the one that got away.”

This verse might need some translating, especially if you’re not from the U.S.
A “Ford, Exploder” is actually a Ford Explorer. We had a 1998 Explorer Sport in Florida which handled like a piece of lead tied to a lame mule. The only time it didn’t feel like such a chore to drive was when we were going somewhere fun like the “World of Beer” where we’d go after a hard day of trying to sell cars. A soul destroying job, especially when you had a client bend you over for around 4/5 hours and then walk out not buying and you had wasted your day. Hence the line: “And after selling my soul on a long hard day, then we’ll laugh about the one that got away.”

The rest of this song is pretty self-explanatory. 
Just when you have that friend/friends that you know you can rely on/talk to about anything, you’ll understand this song even more.
I performed this song a few weeks before writing this blog and most of the audience ran to the person they considered their best friend and started hugging them. That’s what it’s all about.

In regards to the chorus I decided a long time ago it was going to be something real easy to sing and nothing too pretty or clever and I actually had that melody we used for the guitar lick right from the beginning but couldn’t come up with words for it. Then it dawned on me; “Screw it! Lets make it an instrumental piece to dance to. Just before we went in to record I had been listening to Chris Stapleton a lot and loved the lick used for “Parachute” especially because it was mandolin and electric guitar being played together. Two instruments which had no place being together but it sounded awesome and I thought I take that idea for this.

You’ll have to tell me if it worked for you, but I love it.