red dirt

Behind The Song – “Shakin’”

This was the last song I wrote before going into the studio in Nashville. In fact it was only finished about a week before hand.
While the sentiment behind this song is a little less romantic and more carnal it still has some romantic undertones.

The premise behind this song is based on a girl with great character, life and sexual energy arriving in a small town. Everyone wants her but she chooses you. You! The once tough guy/popular guy, real country boy and with nothing more than a look she somehow brings you (metaphorically) to your knees.

I was feeling patriotic and when I thought of the metaphoric fireworks you feel when you first make love to a woman I thought, why not use real fireworks?
The image of making love to a woman under firework light on 4th of July. 

“It’s the way you light me up like the 4th of July with nothin’ more than a sweet look in your eye, tonight.
It’s the way you make the wrong feel so right and the way your body looks by firework light, tonight.
That’s got me shakin’, shakin’, Tonight”

It was a dream come true while sitting in the studio with these awesome guys at studio 19. Listening to the song I’d created come to life and sound exactly how I heard it in my mind.
After the first pass through the whole song I heard the song start again in my head and I said to the guys that after we finish the song, give it a second and then start it again and just go “Balls Out!” 
It sounds awesome!!

What a great way to finish the album.